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Safty information/pressure


The filling operation should always be performed with a suitable filling liquid which is water in the normal case. Liquids provide more safety, since liquids cannot be compressed in contrast to gases. It is prohibited to use environmentally hazardous liquids or oil. Prior to filling you have to make sure that the packer has been deaerated.In case of filling the packers in a vertical bore hole, the hydrostatic pressure of the water column in the filling pipe must also be taken into consideration (a 10 m water column corresponds to 1 bar). It can also complicate the draining of the packer.The packer may never be filled in the open air, but only in the installed state.

Filling pressure – injection pressure

The filling pressure must be selected according to the specifications, such as bore hole diameter and injection pressure. It is not permissible to exceed the maximum filling pressure, since otherwise the packer might get damaged or destroyed.If the specifications are duly considered and adhered to, the packer will be securely fastened in the bore hole and will achieve a good sealing effect. In this way, the packer can be prevented from being pressed out. Pay attention to the hydrostatic pressure caused by influencing media.


The packer should not be moved until it is completely drained. We recommend that you drain the packer by means of vacuum, with the help of the draining device of the pump. The draining process takes some minutes. Clean the packer with water after each use. Each packer is tested with water on the test bench. Its tightness is determined in this way. The packers should be stored away from sunlight, since their natural rubber is sensitive to UV radiation, in particular sunlight. Never use the packer at its limit of maximum expansion.


General information

The details contained in this Technical Information reflect our present state of knowledge and experience. They do not release the user from performing own tests and trials, given the diversity of possible influences in the processing and application of our products. The generally applicable rules of structural engineering must be adhered to. Any legally binding assurance of certain properties or any suitability for a specific application may not be assumed from the information provided by our company. Recommendations given by our employees that deviate from the information contained in our information sheets shall only be binding if they are confirmed by us in writing.The consignee of our products alone is responsible for the observance of any industrial property rights as well as existing laws and provisions. We reserve the right to make technical changes to the products and their packaging. Our General Terms and Conditions as of 07/2012 apply.

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